Welcome to the Markwick Gardens Association

Our Objectives

Our Association is open to all who share our objectives and wish to enjoy access to these marvellous gardens, a green oasis bounded by Markwick Terrace, Dane Road, Brittany Road and Charles Road in St Leonards. It is not necessary to live locally.

Our objectives are simply to return the gardens to their previous Victorian and Edwardian splendour.

This calls for continuous maintenance, most of which is achieved by members. More volunteers are always welcome.

Becoming a Member

As a member you have access to the gardens throughout the year.

You may like to join in maintenance groups and enjoy the company of other like minded members in caring for the gardens. In so doing you will contribute towards the conservation of a unique garden and part of the heritage of St Leonards.

During the year we hold a number of social and fund raising events e.g. barn dances, dog shows, summer events, arts and crafts fair, bonfires and fireworks display, Halloween celebrations, carol singing etc.

Parts of the Gardens can also be hired by members and non-commercial organisations for parties and wedding celebrations.

The annual subscription is £42 for individuals, £47 for couples and £52 for families. The subscription fee for dogs is £5 per dog. The membership year runs from 1st April to the 31st March of the following year, so if people join mid-year the subscription is adjusted accordingly. On joining there is a one-off gate lock fee of £12, which is non-refundable.

All dogs using the Gardens at any time must be registered and wear a distinctive collar tag which costs 5. Note that professional dog walkers using the park need to be members, and each dog needs to be registered and have a tag.

To join the gardens, you can download and complete The Markwick Gardens Association Membership Form available on our Downloads page.

Markwick Gardens

Forthcoming Events

During the year we hold a number of fund raising events.

  • Summer Fun Day

Please view our Events page for more details on these.

Helping Out

We always welcome volunteers to help with gardening.

If you are able to offer us your time we would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact us to find out what is happening and how you can help.

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