Interesting Trees in Markwick Gardens

Markwick Gardens Trees

Did anyone spot the + Laburnocytisus flowering in the spring? This is a very unusual tree because it is a graft hybrid of a Laburnum and Broom and has the flowers of both displayed at the same time. Both types of flowers appeared this year for the first time. It is situated just west of the water tap in the planted plot. If you missed it, look out for it next spring.

Also growing in the lawn near the tap are two fine trees planted three years ago: Sorbus Aria (Whitebeam) and Acer Negundo (Ash Leafed Maple).

The next trees of note to see flowering are the Eucryphias. We have three varieties: E. x Nymansensis Nymensay, E. Intermedia and E. Lucida Pink Cloud.

The sapling conifers planted around the garden are a mixture of various Pines, i.e. Pinus Radiata, P.Sylvestris, P.Nigra, P.Wallichiana, Pseudotsuga Menziesii (Douglas Fir) and Cryptomeria. It is hoped to plant some additional different varieties of Pine to build up a collection, as they seem to thrive in the garden and need little maintenance. These trees were planted to replace the enormous Pines that were sadly taken in the storm in October 1987.

At the Charles Road end of the gardens is an amazing Sitka Spruce – Picea Sitchensis. This could be the highest tree in St Leonards, not the tallest, which is probably a tree in Alexandra Park or Beauport Park, but the fact that 'our tree' is on a hill gives it a considerable head start over the others. Have a look at it from Horntye or the Fire Station and you’ll get the picture.

Feedback on the usefulness of this tree information would be welcome. If there is enough interest further information could be included in future newsletters.

Stephen King - tree enthusiast.